– Made in Belgium
– ø40mm Stainless Steel
– Swiss movement
– 10-year warranty
– with an urn space in the back
– urn space waterproof sealable
– 5 ATM water resistant
– Engraving included
– No shipping costs

Memoria commemorative watches
A unique combination of elegance and emotion, this commemorative watch offers solace and creates an intimate connection with those you want to cherish forever. A timeless symbol of love and connection, making every tick of the clock extra special. The name ‘Memoria’ is deeply rooted in the meaning of memory, which is the core of our brand. In Latin, ‘Memoria’ translates directly to ‘memory,’ and that is exactly what we aim to bring with these unique urn and commemorative watches. Memoria, more than just a watch brand, it is a tribute to cherished memories and a symbol of connection with those we have lost.

With closed lid
The Urn watch model is designed to cherish precious ashes or a lock of hair in a waterproof, sealed space. The lid can only be opened and closed with the supplied Memoria key , ensuring these precious memories remain safely preserved.. Additionally, you can personalize the lid with a cherished text, fingerprint, or beloved photo, making this memorial a unique and touching way to honor your loved one.

With a windowed lid
The back of this watch, with its sapphire glass window, offers a precious place to store cherished memories: a loving text, a cherished photo, a meaningful drawing, a lock of hair, or a piece of fabric. Behind the glass lid, there is also space for ashes of your loved one. This watch not only carries time but also the moments that are dear to us, close to the heart.

With a fingerprint jewel
A beautiful inlay of a relief fingerprint in 100% rhodium-plated silver or 14kt gold. These inlay jewels are crafted by our goldsmith. A fingerprint certificate of authenticity is included. In the waterproof, sealed space behind the lid, you can safely store ashes, hair, or other cherished memories.

10-Year Warranty
Memoria urn watches are carefully crafted to perfection, reflecting our dedication to delivering timeless elegance and precision. With utmost confidence in their durability and reliability, we proudly offer a 10-year warranty. Your Memoria commemorative watch will stand the test of time, a memorial jewel to cherish for generations. An extensive description of the warranty can be found here.

Memoria Symbol
At the heart of the Memoria logo lies the symbolic ‘Circle of Life,’ where we are born, grow, create, inspire, and build memories. This circle represents the rich legacy we leave behind for future generations. It illustrates that life is a continuous cycle, where we not only walk our own path but also touch the lives of others.

Memoria Watch Names
Amare: (to love) cherishing and embracing memories Lux: (light) where time and memories merge Memoria design
The hour indicators on the dial are inspired by the timeless “menhir stones,” symbols of continuity and memory. Just as these ancient stones remain unchanged, these details remind us that cherished moments always stay with us. They represent the connection between past, present, and future, and with our watches, we carry this precious connection with us.